Prepping Your Plants to Grow Your Own Health (Part 4 of 4)

We have covered assessing your needs, selecting your Farmacy plants, and starting your own FARMACY. The final step to growing your own health is to prep your plants for use. Let your season be your guide. Ask yourself “what is happening with the plant?” Usually what is happening at that given time, such as the plant is just growing greens, that is probably what you need. The flowers are typically in full bloom when colds and allergies are most prolific. Nature has worked itself out pretty well to help humans out.

Spring is when the leaves will be harvested
Summer is when leaves and flowers will be harvested
Fall is when the roots are harvested

You will want to harvest in the morning before the sun gets too hot, but wait until the dew has dried. This is because the plant itself has taken in as much of the nutrient rich soil and water so it has the most accessible amount of nutrients.

If you are not going to use the herb right away when you harvest it, you can dry it. Dry it on a rack in a dark, warm spot. I would not recommend drying it out in the sun. If you are in an area where your moisture is so high that you need to use a dehydrator, that is okay, but don’t use the cook function. The higher temperature you use the less beneficial nutrients will remain in the plant.

Remember to label the plants BEFORE you dry the plant if you are drying multiple types at a time. You may think you will remember which is which, but sometimes, after they are dried, they can look the same, but they won’t taste the same!

Below are some of the most popular ways to use herbs:

  1. Culinary preparations – fun, easy, delicious
  2. Teas (infusions/decoctions)
  3. Infused honey/syrups
  4. Electuaries
  5. Balms and salves
  6. Compress
  7. Baths/foot soaks
  8. Tinctures/glycerites
  9. Steam

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