Selecting your FARMacy Plants (Part 2 of 4)

Last week we discussed assessing your needs to grow your own health. This week we are going to discuss selecting your FARMacy plants. You will want to find plants that help reduce inflammation and ones that are beneficial to any ailments that you might have. We suggest getting to know a few herbs. There are many varieties out there so, before you get overwhelmed stop and smell the roses or lavender to help calm your nerves. It is beneficial to just start with 2 or 3 that you would like to get to know and learn how to use.

When it comes to using herbs and growing them in your own garden some require a bit of process to be most effective for you. Others don’t and you can just grab it right out of the garden and add it to your food or eat it fresh right there. You will want to study those few herbs for a month or two to learn how to grow it, how to implement it, and what is the best way to incorporate it into your daily life.

Last week we discussed keeping a health journal. Within that health journal you can keep notes about the herbs that you meet. Keeping notes on how to grow it, how to use it, how to dry it, and what health benefits it has.

Next week we are going to discuss how to start growing your FARMacy. To learn more and get some amazing free guides check out Agriscaping Green Thumb Thursday at