3 Steps to Start Your Own Farmacy (Part 3 of 4)

When growing your own FARMacy there are four steps. We have already discussed step 1: assessing your needs and step 2: selecting your Farmacy plants. Today we will discuss step 3: starting your own FARMACY and next will be all about Step 4: Preparing your plants for use.

Once you have identified your needs you will want to start growing your own herbs. There are three simple steps to help you get growing.

1: Healthy Soil. Having healthy soil means a healthy plant, a healthy plant means a healthy you.

2. Healthy starts. Make sure the starts were grown using systemic pesticides or synthetics that might compromise the nutrients of the plants.

3. Healthy routine. Make a plan to check your plants regularly, to water them regularly (most herbs like moist soil), and have a harvest and drying plan. You don’t want your plants to get left on the drying rack, otherwise they might loose their nutrients.

One trick we want to share with you is to freeze them. Thyme, basil, oregano, lavender. You can freeze them in ice cubes in the quantity you might want to use in something like a tea or a soup. The ice holds a lot more of their nutrients and natural enzymes that exists. Whereas drying looses some of that value.

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