3 Simple Steps to Garden Success Part 3: Healthy Routine

The third step to the 3 Simple Steps to gardening success is having a Healthy Routine. The last couple of weeks we discussed step one – healthy soil and step two – healthy starts. Having a healthy system or routine can be a moving meditation for you. Don’t be a binge gardener, instead give yourself a daily gift to transform the energy of the day into a wholesome, peaceful creation.

There are four things you need to include in your daily routine. Here is an example for someone that has set aside an hour a day to work on their garden:

Harvest for 15 minutes
Prep for 15 minutes
Plant for 15 minutes
Care for 15 minutes

Harvesting might include weeding your garden and raking your rocks. You can follow that up by preparing the area you just weeded for planting. Then you can plant the area you prepped. Finally, you can care for those plants by watering them. The next day you can work on the next area.

If you only want to garden once a week, maybe you can schedule two hours a week and do each of those steps above for 30 minutes instead. Give yourself a solid routine.

After a period of time you will have a weekly or daily harvest depending on how often you scheduled to work on your garden. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed and your garden will provide you with an abundance of produce.

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