How Growing Your Own Health Stimulates the Senses

Healing first implies that there is something that is wrong or something that hurts inside, some sort of suffering that is taking place in your body. Having a healing gardening stimulates love. It is a reflection of you and is designed to nurture you and be a servant to your healing.

A healing garden stimulates the senses.

  1. Sight – it is colorful and beautifully arranged to please you and lifts your soul.
  2. Smell – the fragrant plants and flowers that you grow.
  3. Taste – the edible and medicinal plants that you grow and enjoy eating straight from your garden, either as a snack or as a full meal.
  4. Touch – texture paths, comfortable seating, and the feel of the plants an your fingertips
  5. Sound – the moving water, rustling leaves and the happy birds.

When you design your healing garden you want to incorporate your story. Take note of what you like to eat, what you like to do outside, what theme you want to have. Then you will want to take those ideas and create a flow throughout your yard to have them work together.

Think about having paths with purpose and curiosity. Allow the paths to transport tools and wheelbarrows to work on your garden while at the same time increases curiosity for guests to follow and see what you are growing. Keep your garden beds all within reach so that you can easily plant and harvest.

When creating your garden you want to make sure to have a scaled layout that includes different seasonal planting keeping your microclimates in mind. If you start to feel overwhelmed and need help you might want to think about scheduling a consultation with Agriscaping to get you started on the right path, or do it for you. Reach out to us today!