Designing Your Ideal Garden

When designing your ideal garden you will want to include the story of you! Design for what you would like to eat, the activities you like to do, and the look and feel of the garden. You can check out some of the different styles of gardens at

You will want to design pathways with purpose and curiosity. Some of our clients have added a bike pathway for their kids to enjoy riding bikes in the backyard through the garden. Others have included stepping stones through fruit orchards. Keep in mind that when you are placing pathways in your design that you will want to keep the pathways less that 6 feet apart. This allows you to reach between the pathways to plant. Think about how tall you are, your pathways should not be wider than that. You can comfortably reach all the plants from either side of the pathway this way.

Scale the layout of your garden to include seasons and rotations using the root, fruit, bean, green method. What this means is if you start off with a root vegetable you will want to rotate and plant a fruit after you are done harvesting the vegetables. After the fruit, you will want to plant a bean which will add more nitrogen to the soil. Then you would plant your greens which need more nitrogen to begin with. After that you can go back to the roots again. With this method you will have a lot less tilling and a lot more planting.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the older you get or the worse your back is, the higher the garden will be needed. You can use higher raised garden beds and wall gardens to ease your back and reduce body pain. You will also want to do more stretching to help to heal your back so you may want to have higher plants to aid in your stretching. This about if you are wanting to relieve pain or remove pain? These are things that you will need to keep in mind when designing your garden.

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