How To Create A Healthy Gardening Routine

Last week we discussed the 3 Steps to Elegant Raised Bed Gardening. One of those steps is to have a healthy routine. When gardening it is important to have an effective routine that encompasses all the phases of your garden from planting to harvesting. We are going to dive in a little deeper this week to help you set up your routine.

For example, if you have just one hour you want to devote to your garden each day your routine might look something like this:

15 minutes of harvesting
15 minutes of preparing
15 minutes of planting
15 minutes of caring

Harvesting might be removing weeds or leaves, moving rocks, or harvesting your produce.

Prep the area to get it ready to plant the seeds or starts that you will be nurturing to its full growth.

Plant seeds or starts as much as you can in the 15 minutes. As you continue with your planting you want to keep in mind that the soil from the harvest will benefit what you plant next. Keep this little rhyme in mind when you choose what you plant next. Root – fruit – bean – green is the order in which you should plant one crop after another. Add about an inch of compost in between crops.

Caring at first will be just watering and then may move into watching for bugs, pulling off dead leaves and so on.

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