A COVID-19 Update from Agriscaping

COVID-19 and its impact on daily life seems to be on everyone’s mind right now. We hope you, your family and your loved ones are safe and well.

Gardening and growing your own food and herbs is becoming an even more essential part of our well-being than ever before. From relaxing our minds, to providing clean and chemical-free food, to growing plants and herbs that are beneficial to your health and even strengthen your immune system. Growing your own food at home gives you peace of mind that you may be searching for in these uncertain times.

To help with the increasing interest in gardening due to coronavirus, we will be expanding the number of resources we provide that are designed to inspire and educate over the next few weeks. Agriscaping will continue to offer free online classes and webinars in order to meet an increased demand and interest from individuals concerned about food security and growing their own food at home.

We are often asked, “What can I plant right now?” What you can grow at any given time depends on your plant hardiness zone and other conditions. The USDA has a map that helps you determine what zone you live within. Understanding what zone you live within is crucial to maximizing your growing season based on the average temperatures and climate of the area in which you live. Each zone has different planting dates for different fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables, and some crops may not grow in some zones at all. Beyond that there are several microclimates that will affect how successful a garden will grow.

We offer an Agriscaping Garden Planner that helps you know exactly what to plant, when to plant, and where to plant in your landscape based on your own unique climate and microclimate conditions. It is aligned with weather stations in your area.

We will also offer new resources as part of our free membership. You can subscribe to our newsletter and become a member here.

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