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Articles & Happenings

  • DesignYourGarden
    Designing Your Ideal Garden When designing your ideal garden you will want to include the story of you! Design for what you would like to […]
  • WinterSun
    Winter Gardening Starts with the Sun The most important factor to keep in mind when preparing for a winter garden is aligning with the sun […]
  • ElegantSustainability
    3 Options to Grow Elegant Edibles for Sustainability You can elegantly grow edibles right in your yard. There are multiple options to create sustainability such […]
  • TrampolineGardens
    Sustainability with Subterranean Trampoline Gardens One of our biggest requests is for a Subterranean Trampoline Garden to be installed. Why you ask? It is unique, […]

Micro-Climate Technology

What's this rainbow of letters and how does it affect everything I do in the garden? Learn about micro-climates so you can provide the perfect environment no matter what you're planting!