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Mesquite Trees with Agriscaping and Rosie on the House

Listen to the recording of Rosie on the House with Professional Agriscaper Justin Rohner’s commentary on the cornerstone of desert landscapes the Arizona/Velvet Mesquite tree. Trimming tips to save your trees from uprooting in monsoon storm winds. Raising chickens, melons you can plant in June, controlling pesky weeds and explaining Agriscaping.


Ironwood Tree and Watering Wisdom with Rosie on the House

Listen in as Justin joins the team of Rosie on the House to discuss watering tips and the desert Ironwood tree.

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Agriscaping was mentioned in the New York Times!

In Parched Arizona Produce Gardens Bloom. One of Agriscaping's clients was interviewed for their elegant garden that grows even in a drought.

NY Times

Check out Agriscaping with Rosie on the House podcast where they are talking trees!

Agriscaping Expert Justin Rohner discusses the Tree Of The Month the Pink Trumpet Tree. A top notch shade tree that produces beautiful blooms, loves the heat and provides some medicinal purposes. Deep watering tips to address summer heat and avoid root rot. Core aeration for lawns and natural ways for weed control.

pink trumpet tree

Summer Gardening with Agriscaping

with Your Life Arizona

Root Vegetables and Agriscaping

Your Live Arizona

Rosie on the House Podcast

Discussion of maintenance of a pond. A relaxing past time for gardeners. Can you convert a swimming pool to a pond?

Justin Rohner of Queen Creek Botanical Gardens talks about the world's first all edible botanical garden. Featuring theme gardens like Japanese, Tropical, English, Greek, and more! Using pond features including a working waterwheel for grinding grain. Justin describes the layout.

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