7 Steps to Creating a Healing Garden

Last week we touched on Gardening for the Body, Mind and Spirit. This week we are going to cover the 7 steps to creating a healing garden of your own. Once you start falling into the routine of gardening and seeing the successful harvest you will be surprised at the healing you feel inside. Let’s take a look at the 7 steps.

Step 1 – Know Yourself
What do you like? What does your body need? What are things your doctor would tell you to eat more of? These are the types of questions you need to answer in order to start creating the recipe or the ingredients of your garden. This allows you to set the stage for what you need to paint your garden with. We suggest you start a vision of what you would like your garden to look like.

Step 2 – Design
Now that you have a good idea of what you want in your garden and what you might want it to look like, the next step is to design your garden. Take the elements of your favorite foods and which theme you would like to incorporate into your garden design and begin laying it out on paper. Some have a difficult time putting all the elements together, using the microclimate map of your yard for placement, and creating a cohesive design. That is when Agriscaping can step in to help. You can also use gardenplanner.agriscaping.com to help you design your crops and their rotation.

Step 3 – Healthy Soil
The ideal soil for vegetables is to be deep. It should be well draining and holds moisture like a sponge. It should be high in organic matter. The soil should have a neutral pH of 6 to 7. And it should crumble easily. It should smell sweet, not sour.

Step 4 – Healthy Starts
When you are picking and planting successful starts you will want to avoid the following:
-Visible Roots
-Root bound (spiraling in the pot)
-Yellow or damaged leaves
-anything a plant would have to recover from should be avoided

When planting you want to start with the furthest out plant first and work your way towards yourself. This will help to avoid crushing any of the planted plants.

Step 5 – Healthy System
This is the routine you have surrounding your garden. Consider it a moving meditation for yourself. A daily gift to yourself to transform the energy of the day into peaceful creation. When is the right time for you? Get started with a routine when you work on the garden at the same time every day you need to work on the garden. An effective garden routing would look like this:
-15 minutes planting
-15 minutes tending
-15 minutes watering
-15 minutes harvesting

Step 6 – Someone to Love
Who is your garden buddy? It may someone living your home, or someone across the country that loves to garden. Be sure to take the time to discuss your garden with them and have someone to bounce ideas off of and share success and failures with. Having a garden buddy can immensely improve your relationship with your garden and your health.

Step 7 – Get a garden coach
Your garden buddy might also be your coach. It should be someone that is ahead of you in the garden game. There are 3 keys to finding a garden coach:
-They hear you unconditionally. They won’t get on your case for things you’ve done wrong. They will hear what you have to say about your garden and give you guidance.
-They live where you live. Someone who is growing where you are growing. Someone that experiences the same climates you are.
-They love it and have a gift for growing things beyond the gardens. The garden has become something more than just gardening for them.

If you want to improve your self-reliant health…your garden awaits. If you want to unlock your potential…your garden awaits. If you want to strengthen your family…your garden awaits. That sense of community is provided through your garden.

If you want to find out what your yard can do for you and learn the Agriscaping way yourself you can join the Agriscaping Mastery Program today!