Explore The Trend in Edible Landscaping


Here’s your chance to explore trend toward edible landscaping Check out the recent article in Total Landscape Care Magazine! The edible landscaping company Agriscaping Technologies is kicking off its first national tour tomorrow and . . . http://www.totallandscapecare.com/edible-landscaping-agrisc . . .

AGRISCAPING: Edible Gardening that Goes BEYOND Beautiful…


The Cinderella of backyard gardens just went to the ball. That’s right, the latest iteration of urban food production is upon us, and this time, it’s downright sexy. Known as “Agriscaping”, this elegant, edible landscaping combines the best of small-scale agriculture, with the beauty of ornamental plants, in a landscape that’s beautiful enough to pass… Read More

Students Urged To Embrace Edible Landscaping, Sustainability


Students urged to embrace edible landscaping, sustainabilityMost college students on St. Patrick’s Day would not be spending their evening in an auditorium listening to a speaker discuss industry trends – even if the business is known as the green industry. Even so, a roomful of intrepid landscaping students filled Bost Auditorium at Mississippi State University… Read More

Seed to Supper in 7 Days or Less TV


Seed to Supper in 7 Days or Less TV Spot from Justin Rohner on Vimeo.

Bare Root Season


EVENT: Agriscaping and the College Football Playoffs…


College Football PLANT-OFF Challenge FREE to fans of Sustainability 🙂 . Thursday, January 7th at 10am MST PHOENIX, Arizona – The College Football Playoff (CFP) National Championship arrives in Arizona this week, and visitors from around the country will descend on the region to take part in the festivities. How to respect the area’s natural wonders and to… Read More

Preparing Your Roses for the Cold Weather


Welcome to the winter world of Roses… and Yes, they are EDIBLE! (click here for our free Edible Flower Guide) Roses are one of the most common flowering bushes that are planted around the world. Most of Agriscaping’s clientele are currently in the desert Southwest. We are often asked how to prepare roses for the… Read More

FREEZE WARNINGS and 3 Levels of Frost Protection for Your Plants


Has the weather turned cold on you and your garden and left you wondering what to do? Although I live in “Sunny AZ”, we can still dip down below freezing from November through February at times. No-matter where you live, it can be difficult and even down-right confusing how to prepare your garden for the cold…. Read More

THANKSGIVING: Lessons in Sustainability from the Pilgrims


As you gather your family around the Thanksgiving table this year, consider these lessons from those who shared the first! GROWING FOOD IS FUNDAMENTAL When the Pilgrims first stepped off the boats near Plymouth, after 66 days at sea, I’m sure at least a few of them kissed that ground… many did it out of thanks… Read More