3 Simple Steps to FALL GARDENING Success with Justin Rohner


Green Thumb Thursday: 3 Simple Steps to Fall Gardening Success with Justin Rohner from Justin Rohner on Vimeo.

3 Simple Steps to Grow Your Own Salad – TV


3 Simple Steps to Grow Your Own Salad TV spot with Justin Rohner from Justin Rohner on Vimeo.

Body Benefits of Daily Gardening


We’ve joked in the past about how I’ve given up on the materialism of “Beach-Body” fitness routines in favor of the more down-to-earth, regenerative routines of the “Garden Body” lifestyle and it appears that more and more studies are showing up to support it! Yep, it turns out that a daily gardening habit is extremely good for… Read More

Beautiful Basil For Beginners

basil basket

Basil, also known as the “King of herbs”, has been cultivated in a diverse array of growing conditions for several millennia. It is also one of the most popular plants grown in urban farms across the world. In this article we will discuss a bit of the history of basil, some of its distinguishing characteristics,… Read More

Strengthen Community Through Gardening

Backyard Gardens_Jenga Mwendo

Lizzy Cooper-Davis By Andrea King Collier, Civil EatsPosted July 27, 2016 Backyard Gardeners Network hosts volunteer groups, organizes workshops and events, gives away seeds and runs a tool-lending shed for people who want to garden but don’t have the supplies. Two years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Jenga Mwendo saw potential for rebirth in… Read More

Science finds Soil can Help Depression


By Tanja Taljaard on Sunday July 17th, 2016 How you can Benefit from Antidepressant Microbes in soil A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was recovering from a serious illness. While reflecting on that time in her life, she mentioned how her garden, and gardening, played a big part in her own healing…. Read More

Explore The Trend in Edible Landscaping


Here’s your chance to explore trend toward edible landscaping Check out the recent article in Total Landscape Care Magazine! The edible landscaping company Agriscaping Technologies is kicking off its first national tour tomorrow and . . . http://www.totallandscapecare.com/edible-landscaping-agrisc . . .

AGRISCAPING: Edible Gardening that Goes BEYOND Beautiful…


The Cinderella of backyard gardens just went to the ball. That’s right, the latest iteration of urban food production is upon us, and this time, it’s downright sexy. Known as “Agriscaping”, this elegant, edible landscaping combines the best of small-scale agriculture, with the beauty of ornamental plants, in a landscape that’s beautiful enough to pass… Read More

Students Urged To Embrace Edible Landscaping, Sustainability


Students urged to embrace edible landscaping, sustainabilityMost college students on St. Patrick’s Day would not be spending their evening in an auditorium listening to a speaker discuss industry trends – even if the business is known as the green industry. Even so, a roomful of intrepid landscaping students filled Bost Auditorium at Mississippi State University… Read More

Seed to Supper in 7 Days or Less TV


Seed to Supper in 7 Days or Less TV Spot from Justin Rohner on Vimeo.