Gardening by the FOOT!

Justin caught up with Catherine Anaya at AZTV to talk about square foot gardening, layering your edibles and companion plants!

Elegant Farming by the FOOT!

LIVE ONLINE: 3 Simple Steps to Gardening Success


Winter Watering Tips

Winter weather can be downright crazy.  Justin talks about how deep to water, how long to water and what kinds of tools can help you measure watering depth for just about any kind of plant!

7 Steps to Homestead Planning


Join Us!   7 Steps to Homestead Planning (on any-sized property) We want you to have the homestead of your dreams, but we don’t want that dream to be a nightmare! Join us to learn how to align it all in a beautiful, simple, easy-to-manage way.    Justin Rohner and Adam Marley Wednesday, February 1st at 6:00pm… Read More



With Winter Storms here and there, the trees are finally shedding some leaves and many of us are PILING them up! It’s also a signal that it’s SOIL BUILDING TIME! With the near-regular rains and cool temperatures, The rainy fall and winter seasons are the BEST time to grow some soil and get it ready… Read More

Citrus Time!!!


Let’s talk about CITRUS! That wonderful family of mostly-winter fruits from the garden. These wonderful evergreen marvels are a great addition to any garden. They are great additions around pools, patios, and parking structures as they work well in-ground or in pots, stay green year-round and don’t drop a mess of leaves, AND, they supply… Read More

Year-Round Fruit Calendar for the Desert Southwest


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3 Simple Steps to FALL GARDENING Success with Justin Rohner


Green Thumb Thursday: 3 Simple Steps to Fall Gardening Success with Justin Rohner from Justin Rohner on Vimeo.