3 Winter Wonder Plants We Love

In the cold, dark winter months many think their garden grows empty. But it doesn’t have to! We are going to share with you our favorite winter wonder plants that like to grow in the cold months. Learn a little more tidbits and facts about the Barbados Cherries, Rye Grass and Pansies.

Barbados cherries like to live in a C microclimate, which is morning shade and afternoon sun. Hopefully you have a nice wall that can radiate heat back to this plant. This is a sub-tropical plant that can grow in the Arizona winter. This cherry was used in chewable vitamin C for years, but people got confused because they thought it was cherry flavored so they put pictures of stemmed cherries (single pitted cherries rather than the Barbados cherry which actually has three pits) even though the source of the Vitamin C was this plant. They do often produce fruit in a C microclimate in Arizona in the winter months.

Rye Grass can be helpful to improve the nitrogen content in your soil when springtime rolls around. At that time you can turn it all under and use it as a nutrient builder. It also helps reduce erosion especially if you have your garden outdoors or on a hillside. It tolerates the cold and still grows green in the winter months.

Pansy and Viola. These are beautiful edible flowers that grow in the winter time. As an edible flower, you want to make sure there are no systemic pesticides in the soil where they were grown if you aren’t growing them yourself. These flowers are quite unique. They have an anti-histamine quality to them. It is an immune boosting plant that is great for the winter and spring time to reduce your allergies.

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