Winter Watering Secrets For A Simply Gorgeous Garden

Winter is typically a time for us to cuddle up with a warm blanket next to a fire, but in the garden it’s chilly, wet, and often a muddy endeavor for your plants. From pots to trees to in-ground plants, here are some quick tips for how to manage your watering this winter for a Simply Gorgeous Garden!

1. Don’t water when WET! (wait until the top 1” of the soil is dry)

2. When you water, it’s all about DEPTH, not time!
a. TREES: go to about 3 feet deep each time you water (limit how often you water in the winter)
b. SHRUBS/BUSHES: water should go about 2 feet deep
c. ANNUALS and EDIBLES: you should water these plants down to 1 foot depth
d. GRASS: should be watered about 6-8” inches in depth

3. In order to check the depth of the water, you should have two tools on-hand
a. Hand Weeder or Screw Driver (6”)
b. Iron Rod 12”- 36” Checker

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