Where to get Hyper-Local Food

Enjoying food locally grown has become sought after. You can find restaurants popping up all over that advertise locally sourced food in their menu. Agriscaping has installed many gardens and Agriscaping features at local restaurants that use the food fresh from their landscape.

Hyperlocal food has many names such as Farm to Fork. Here are a few different definitions of local and hyperlocal food sources:

  1. Local is within 500 miles
  2. Farm to Fork means no middle-man
  3. Field to Fork has a smaller range
  4. Hyperlocal means the restaurant either grows the food themselves for the food is grown within 10-15 miles

Because of these locally sourced restaurants their menu’s vary week to week which can make it enjoyable for patrons to try new things. It varies because the local restaurants are cooking with what is grown in their local gardens/farms.

About 24% of people in America have had their food delivered to their home when they could be growing it right in their front yard. Agriscaping focuses on making elegant edible landscapes so you can enjoy your yard and eat it too. If you are ready to have your own farm to fork kitchen you can take the first step by having a consultation by visiting https://agriscaping.com/professional-landscape-service