Using the Sun to Plant for Fall

Preparing your garden or Agriscaping yard for Fall starts right now. In three to four months from now you will be serving up your holiday meals. Think about your holiday menu and what ingredients you would like to have fresh to serve to your friends and family. In order to serve fresh produce at that time you will need to prepare your garden today.

The first of three steps to prepare for a successful fall garden is all about the sun. If you are in the northern hemisphere the sun is pretty predictable. The more north you go the more dramatic the sun shift is. The closer to the equator the less dramatic shift there is in the sun. To find out what your local sun shift is you can visit

When you get into the fall season if you want to extend your summer crops you need to pay attention to your microclimates. You can extent plants into the fall season (such as melons, corn, and amaranth) by placing them in an area that will stay warmer during the day – such as morning shade/afternoon sun. If you want to get a jump on the cool season crops you will want to plant those in filtered sun areas such as under a tree or a shade screen.

Hint: Pumpkins are great to grow in full sun, be sure that you won’t be hitting a frost date before they are fully mature. You can find out more about the maturation dates on your seed packet.

If you have one of our signature trampoline gardens you can plant many plants throughout the year. It stays about 20 degrees warmer in the winter and 20 degrees cooler in the summer. You can get your very own trampoline garden and what you can grow there year round by scheduling a consultation at

By using the sun to take advantage of growing your crops you can have a bountiful harvest for your holiday meals. To learn more and get some amazing free guides check out Agriscaping Green Thumb Thursday at