Using Rainwater to Grow Your Own Food

Using rainwater is very beneficial to your garden. When harvesting rain water be sure to stay 10 feet away from the building foundation. Start with observing the rainwater. Which way does the water flow? Is it doing harm with erosion? Take a look at the highest point in your yard because that is where the water will be coming from. Also take note of where the water is flowing from outside of your property.

An easy way to keep track of the location of the rainwater is to place a red stake at the high points on the property. Then find the low points, the places where the water is flowing to, and put blue stakes to locate those places. This is the first step to realize the adjustments you need to make to use rainwater to your advantage.

Once you have notated where your rainwater is being collected you can make changes to channel the water that would be most beneficial to your yard. You can do things such as using gravel paths instead of concrete paths to help guide your rainwater to your garden. Or maybe use one-rock dams, this is not just using one rock, but it is a dam that is one rock high, so that you can guide the rainwater to the areas of your choosing.

If you are interested in creating a design to use rainwater to your advantage you can either do it yourself with the help of our Mastery Program or you can get started with a consultation to get help creating the most efficient design for an elegant edible yard.