Transform Your Garden For Summer

If you live in the desert southwest you may notice that many of your plants are starting to come to an end. But that doesn’t have to mean it’s the end of your garden. We have had much success growing in the hot summer months. We want to share a few tips with you to help you have a successful summer garden.

Cut it out, don’t tug it out. When removing your previous season’s plants, you will want to cut the plant right down to the soil and let the roots decay inside. The roots will help to create more food under ground and keep your soil healthy. The bacteria that lives there will help to break down the nutrients.

Replace on rotation. What you choose to plant next will help to maintain the health of your soil. When deciding what to plant, the best way to remember is to use the root, fruit, bean, green rhyme. When you are planting new seeds or starts, you will want to rotate them out in that order to keep the soil full of life.

Replenish the health of the soil by using one spade scoop of compost per square foot. If you have multiple places of compost in your yard and home you will want to start using those as the heat increases.

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