Sustainability with Subterranean Trampoline Gardens

One of our biggest requests is for a Subterranean Trampoline Garden to be installed. Why you ask? It is unique, fun, and can be enjoyed year round in the Desert climate. It like a little secret oasis hidden right in your back yard.

These trampoline gardens are 7 feet underground. This is because the soil retains a lovely 72 degrees year round. It has the right amount of humidity and shade for tropical plant growth. We have clients growing ginger, begonia, pineapple, strawberry guava, allspice, and Malabar spinach to name a few.

The subterranean gardens add a fabulous dual-purpose with the kids playing up above and sustainability growing down below. We even include seating along the raised beds which is perfect for meditating, reading, or just hiding out.

Do you have the area for a subterranean garden? What would you grow if you had one? You can learn more about this and other options for your yard with Agriscaping.

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