3 Sisters Fall Gardening…Beyond Corn, Beans, & Squash

Perhaps the most timeless gardening technique in history began with he native Americans with the Three-Sisters Garden where Corn, Beans and Squash are grown together in a synergistic pairing. Yes, THESE sisters really get along! 

  1. Corn is grown first, providing a future living trellis for the beans

2. Beans are grown next (3-weeks later) and help fix nitrogen for the corn and squash

3. Squash can be planted the same time as the beans and provides a living mulch to guard against weeds and keep the soil moist for all. 

Here are some tips of what to plant as companion plants next to your trees this fall.

Do you have a tree whose lost it’s leaves? You will want to plant the following:
~ Peas (nitrogen fixer)
~ Kale (N-feeder)
~ Clover (or radish) (more nitrogen/soil driller) 

No Tree to trellis? You can plant the following:
~ Bush Beans (nitrogen fixer)
~ Lettuce Greens (n-feeder)
~ Carrots / onion (soil driller, pest barrier) 

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