Intro to Agriscaping and Sustainable Landscaping

*By Yurika Bowman

Do you want to grow your own food? If you grow them, they’re much fresher, flavorful, and you know what’s in them. Some of you may think, however, growing food like traditional farming doesn’t align with your urban life or is hard to manage. With Agriscaping, it doesn’t need to be that way at all.

You can grow food while keeping your favorite landscape design styles with simple steps! It’s actually more productive per square foot than regular farms. Isn’t that cool?

You might be surprised how beautiful all the edible plants incorporated in ‘Agriscaped’ yards.
Maybe you don’t notice that they are edible plants. What about the cost? Is it worth? When it comes to traditional landscaping it can be costly, with no return.

Sure, let’s say you get a beautiful yard with a pool, outdoor living space, and some greenery.
You may be satisfied with it, but there may be better ways. Agriscaping actually creates yards that provide for you. You can save water and sell produce while having your desired elements.

It’s financially and environmentally sustainable. So let’s start creating your own dream yard by collecting pictures of your favorite landscaping designs. Checking out our projects on Agriscaping website might give you some ideas.

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