Our Top 4 Summer Gardening Secrets!

Summertime gardening is in full swing and we would like to share a few tips and secrets with you. What you do now will affect how your garden will thrive in the fall. We have picked our top 4 insider activities that we are doing ourselves right now.

1. Soil Prep: It’s looking to be a long, hot, dry summer and if your garden is surviving, it’s sucking up all the nutrients out of your soil along the way. That could be a good thing…especially if you want to remove some grass and add a new edible garden this fall! 
~ Go ahead - let it burn! 
~You can use plastic coverings to help torch it! (Solarize it) 

2. Hot and dry conditions suck the soil dry of nutrients… so it is time to replenish them!  
~ Add some slow-release organic fertilizer
~ Add new mulch!
~ Add at least an inch of dark compost

3. Consider Your Crop rotation: What was in the soil before today? For best results, rotate in the following order…
~ Root, Fruit, Bean, Green… Root, Fruit, Bean Green

4. Pick the Right Plants! 
~ Pick Plants you LOVE. Do you want them to be ripe for your favorite holiday? Check the days to harvest before you start planting to find out the best times!
~ Learn what varieties are best for your microclimates - you can even have us help by scheduling a consultation to learn more!
~Seed or Start? If you are looking to plant corn, peas, or carrots keep in mind they are all best via seed

We hope you learned a little something new about what you can do right now to have a bountiful fall harvest! Check out our upcoming classes to learn more by clicking here!