Top 3 Summer Gardening Secrets For Less Work And More Play! 

It’s heating up! Time to get your garden prepared with the top 3 summer gardening secrets for less work and more play including the secrets of mulch, how there’s more to mulch than meets the eye, identifying Microclimates in your garden and how to use them to your advantage, and the two best ways to create shade!

Time to prepare your garden with a few tips and tricks to keep your garden thriving this summer with less work and more play!  

1. MULCH! More mulch = less water required, less fertilizer, and less weeds to pull! This also equals more time enjoying your garden, more healthy harvest to taste, and more money back in your pocket. Literally 12” around trees, & 4” around your annuals and veg.  

2. CLIMATE CHANGE! No matter what you believe globally, climate change is REAL in your garden… and FULL SUN is NOT your best friend when it comes to growing space in the summer in Arizona. To get the most out of your garden there are SIX different microclimates A through F in every yard that you can use to your advantage! Your personalized microclimate map is included in your yards evaluation. Sign up for yours by clicking here.

3. SHADE! Living shade always outperforms dead shade but even dead shade is better than no-shade. Shading from the South-west sun (afternoon sun) is best.  Living Shade = Trees, plants, vines
Dead shade = Pergolas, Sails (with good R-values… khaki or yellow better than black), walls, screens

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