Summer Watering Wisdom

There are ways to improve your soil and improve your design so that you can capture rainwater. Most of the planet is green by nature’s hand. From that perspective, we recognize that not everything needs supplemental water. However, if we have a space that needs a little more green, we will have to add a little more water, and do it strategically.

Nature’s way is that water is collected at a higher area and then moves through a flow to a lower space. The speed at which it moves is what we are trying to replicate. On your property you need to locate the high point and the low point. You want to create a vector map to see where the water flows from the high to the low point.

As the water flows, where does it flow to? Does it flow out into the street? It is important to know this so that we can create a design to capture and use the most water possible inside the yard.

Some states don’t allow you to harvest rainwater. However, if you can have it percolate into your yard without capturing it in barrels or tanks, then you are okay. Be sure to check out what your area allows. But if you can find out where that rainwater comes in and flows down, we can work towards slowing it down and guiding it towards your crops.

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