3 Secrets to Planting Successful Starts

Picking and planting starts to your garden can be full of fun and excitement. We want to make sure that your excitement carries all the way through to production. Picking that first fresh vegetable can be exhilarating. There are three secrets we want to share with you so that your start is successful.

1. When picking and planting successful starts there are few things to avoid:
a. Visible roots
b. root bound or spiraling roots in the pot
c. Yellowed plants
d. Any damage – anything the plant will have to recover from first before thriving delays is production

2. Remember Spacing – we really like high density planting, especially in the winter months. You can get up to 5 lettuce plants per square foot if you do it in a triangle formation. This is a great way to reduce the amount of work and the amount of evaporation. It gives you a lot more production per square foot which is a great way to go.

3. For every two rows of one type of plant you will want one row of a complimentary type of plant. It’s beneficial to grow a companion plant that will deter bugs that are attracted to the other type of plant.

Whether you are growing your own start from a seed, or you are choosing a start from a nursery, these tips can bring you plentiful food straight out of your own yard. If you want help deciding which start to start with, schedule yourself a consultation with Agriscaping.

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