Top 10 Tips to Starting Your Fall Garden Off Right

Top gardeners know that in Arizona FALL is the best time to plant. What you do the next few months, starting today can easily produce for you well into the spring and early summer of next year! There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get you the TOP 10 Tips to getting your Fall Garden Started. 

First Things First… 

1. Pick the Right variety. Click here to get access to my Edible Garden Calendar for the Desert Southwest, complete with what to plant right now!

2. Buy seeds from brands grown for your climate like Native Seed Search, Sweet Corn Organics, and more. We like to purchase our seeds from 

3. Prep Your SOIL: it’s time to fluff and fertilize it 18”-24” deep.

4. Focus now on adding natural, high-phosphorus fertilizers for more flowers and fruits in the spring.

5. Top with Good rich Compost… 1”-2” inches is all you need. A well composted seed-topper is best.

6. Plan for Your Fruit Trees! With the Right Varieties you can literally have year-round-fruit. Check out our Guide by clicking here.

7. Citrus! If you want to start growing them, Fall (September – October) is the best time to plant them. 

8. TROPICALS! September is the best time to plant them! From Bananas, Mangos, to Pineapples, and more! 

9. Plant your Permanent Plants, like topicals in the Right microclimate! There are at least 6 different microclimates in every yard! Get your own microclimate map done by signing up for a consultation at

10. Plant healthy starts! For many farm-favorites like broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes, and more, you can get a jump on the season by planting start now! Use our Planting Calendar to know which ones work best by in the desert Southwest clicking here

Wow! That was a lot… if you are looking for a pro to come help you in your garden check out for more information and Get Started with a locally Certified Agriscaping Pro and get an Elegant Edible Landscape of your very own! 

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