Secrets for Spring Agriscapes

Spring is an awesome time to get your garden on! We are going to share with you 7 secrets for improved success this season:

1. A Healthy Spring Garden starts with the HEALTHY SOIL

2. SUN ORIENTATION is huge, get to know your microclimates! Yes, you can still grow lettuces, peas, and other “winter greens” right now if you plant them in the right location in your yard!

3. GOING EDIBLE? AVOID BINGE GARDENING!  Have a routine that you set for yourself, and stick to it! We recommend incorporating the following into your routine:
  • Prep it - working on the soil 
  • Plant it - find healthy starts and seeds to get your garden started
  • Reap it - weed and harvest keeping the produce fresh and healthy
  • Feed it - by watering the plants and feeding them nutrients they need to grow  

  • 4. Birds love seedlings even more than you do and will eat them up! So, plant healthy STARTS instead of seeds in your garden.

    5. ROTATE! Never re-plant the same thing, in the same place… Remember the Agriscaping Rhyme: Root, Fruit, Bean, Green.

    6. FOLIAR FEEDING: this is the process of fertilizing your plants with a foliar spray to help the plants produce more, prevent pests, improve shade, and make them look pretty.  Don't forget to spray the underside of your leaves!

    7. MODEL GREAT GARDEN where you live! Come visit the Queen Creek Botanical Garden this Summer to get even more ideas and insider tips. Learn more at

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