7 Ways To Spice Up Your Garden Life

Right now is a great time to spice up your life with these delights that you can easily grow on your own at home. These range from traditional peppers to spicy flowers and beyond! These delectable garden treats are bound to heat up your summer in a good way. Try them out in your favorite homemade salsa recipe, add them to a summer salad, or eat them right off the plant!

Let's take a look at our seven spicy surprises:

1. Tried and True: The Jalapeno… in all its varieties… at home, you can wait until they are RED for a Sweet and spicy treat. 

2. Mild-Mannered Neighbor: Anaheim Pepper

3. Super Salsa with the Serrano Pepper: green is good, red is better. 

4. Friendly Hot Flower: Dianthus… in all its color options

5. Join the ranks of High Society with this Purple Power-House: The Society Garlic Flower. 

6. Queen of the Fire-Flowers: Elegant, but edible, The Nasturtium has Powerful color and taste, with a surprisingly sweet side. 

7. Hot and GREEN: Water Cress you can grow indoors or out, full shade or full sun (if you have enough water… aka a pond)

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