7 Soil Amendments for Peak Production

When creating healthy soil for your elegant edible landscape there are many different amendments you can use. We have seven favorites that we use at Agriscaping. Depending on what your soil needs you can choose from the amendments we discuss in this blog.

Our ‘go to’ amendments are:

  1. Cardboard. This is great if you are eradicating for the next season. Plastic may burn off a lot of things and kills off the microbial activity. Cardboard covered with mulch or compost on top. This will suppress the weeds and they will burn out. The cardboard will breakdown over about 6 months and the weeds won’t grow back up.
  2. Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic fungus that is great to use in the fall. They will help to break down and create linkages from your current plants roots to additional water resources and convert the nutrients into something the roots can uptake.
  3. Gypsum helps to break up heavy clay soil but adds alkalinity.
  4. Ammonium sulfate helps to lower the pH and make soil more acidic. You want to use it sparingly and if you are using it granularly, be sure the granulars are small. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product you purchase.
  5. Other pH lowering agents are saw dust and pine needles, and manures (be careful with manures because they can add a lot of salts).
  6. Sulfur
  7. Iron are great for greening up the perennials.

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