7 Winter Wonders That Beautify Your Garden & Help Curb The Common Cold

Winter in Arizona is one of the most BEAUTIFUL times to be outdoors and especially to garden! But with all your holiday parties and tasty treats available on nearly every counter-top, it can be difficult to stay healthy this time of year so you can enjoy it!

Here are 7 of our favorite garden additions, from the ground up, that can both beautify your garden and help you curb that common cold this winter!

Pansy: This adorable flower is most known for its friendly face and desirable aroma. However, eating these flowers helps keep those pesky seasonal allergies away.

Peppermint: Not only does this freshen your breath it also assists with unclogging those sinuses, helps fight bacterial infections, and can be used as a natural vapor-rub.

Flowering Kale: This is a beautiful way to increase your health and boost your immune system.

Garlic: Including this delicious bulb into your meals or added in as a supplement can help boost your immune system as well. Drinking a Classic Lemon & Garlic Tea is a good way to implement this into your cold remedy.

Lavender: Implementing lavender (into a tea for example) will help you sleep and get the rest you need to recover.

CITRUS CAVIAR: Otherwise known as Australian Finger-Lime is full of Vitamin C to keep you energized as you recover and assists with your immune system helping you to recover.

Eucalyptus: This beautiful plant will help to soothe a stuffy nose when you use it with steam. Breathing in the eucalyptus steam will open up your sinuses giving you relief.

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