3 Plant Selection Principles

Choosing the best plants for your landscape is one of the most difficult decisions that most homeowners face in the design of their yard. The plants you install not only affect how your home looks, but it can affect how other plants grow. Today, we discuss three principles that can help you choose the best plants for your yard.

Know What Grows
It is important to know what can grow in your location and when it should be seeded, transplanted and harvested. We have developed a Planting and Harvesting Calendar that makes it easy for you to determine when to plant your favorites, as well as when you can expect to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Understanding what can grow in your yard can make all the difference in ensuring that your yard is productive.

Utilize Microclimates
Your yard and home has multiple microclimates that affect which plants grow and how they grow. Trees and shrubs can also create these microclimates. They also can help you change the microclimates in your yard by as many as tho USDA zones, allowing you to extend your growing season. Understanding what plants grow in full sun, filtered light or in the shade can help your yard be more productive. As a result, your yard can be more productive than ever before!

Determine Perennials and Annuals
Planting perennials that come back each year can give you a head start each season that can foster ideal conditions for other plants and annuals to thrive. However, trees, bushes and other shrubs must be pruned for peak performance. Following time-tested pruning practices not only helps to increase production, but it also helps improve the overall health for your plants and provides unique living conditions for annuals to thrive. Appropriately choosing annuals that live in such conditions can complement your yard’s design, while adding color and allow for seasonal change. Determining how you want to balance perennials and annuals will beautify and improve the overall and the aesthetics of your yard.

Selecting plants based on these principles will help your yard become more productive and elegant.

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