Saving Seeds for Sustainability

Why would you want to save your seeds? It’s simple, for self preservation! It will improve your sustainability and self reliance. It will also allow for seed diversity and seed sovereignty. Plus your seeds can be adaptable to your area and can be passed on to the next generation.

If you can let your plants reseed themselves (such as chamomile) they will be much more resilient. They bloom differently, they react differently, they grow differently. If they seed in an area you don’t want them, just transplant them to the place you’d like them to grow.

Here are some general seed saving guidelines:

  1. Save seeds from non-patented plants. Patented plants tend to be GMO or hybrids (look for PVP or PUP on the seed package). Organic seeds are the best to save.
  2. Grow to full maturity to the seeds can be easily saved.
  3. Select which seeds to save for your desired characteristics. If you don’t like the characteristics of the plant you have, you can use those seeds to grow microgreens.
  4. Allow diversification
  5. Share and trade your seeds to help your community

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