7 Steps to a Small Space Salsa Garden!

With Taco Tuesday's as a favorite tradition among American's we have had many requests for a personal Salsa Garden. The best part is, you don't need a huge space to grow a great salsa garden. Let’s see what HOT in the Garden with Justin’s 7 Steps to a Small-Space Salsa Garden!

1. Pick Your Place: Remember your microclimates to help you pick your best spot! Out-door, full-sun is best for this type of garden. But morning or afternoon sun is also good, giving your plants a minimum of 6-hours of direct sunlight. If you want to learn more about microclimates you can check out our free webinar on August 19th. Click here to register now!

2. Pick Your Pots: We recommend having 2 Big, 3 Medium, and 3 Small pots to fill the vegetables to make your fresh salsa as all you need them.

3. Water Wisdom: You want to make sure to keep the soil moist. Plan ahead! Either set up a routine or install an automated watering system to keep your plants healthy and alive.

4. Quality Potting Soil is KEY! Pot soil should have perlite, vermiculite, and peat moss inside the soil mix. It should be light and fluffy.

5. Perfect Plants: we suggest having the following plants inside your salsa garden:
a. 2 Tomatoes (Early Girl, Celebrity, Better Boy)
b. 3 Peppers (Jalapeno, Bell, Serrano… green is good, but red is better)
c. 18 Onions (yellow/green)
d. 6 Chive
e. 2 Cilantro
f. 1 Surprise Edible Flower! (Nasturtium or Dianthus)

6. Companion-Planting: We have found success in planting the following companion plants inside the same pots.
a. Trio-Onions around Tomatoes
b. Chives with Peppers

7. Feed it Fridays! Make feeding part of your routine as well as watering. Using feed it Friday's is a helpful way to remind you to tend to your beautiful salsa garden. Foliar feeding is best, which is a process of applying liquid fertilizer to the leaves of the plant with a spray bottle.

We hope these tips are helpful in creating your very own salsa garden so you can top those tasty tacos on Tuesday with your homemade salsa.

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