Productive Pets For Your Produce

Productive pets are of great value for providing work, fertilizer, meat and milk. When a plant is grown in healthy soil it will pull all those wonderful nutrients from the soil and when it is eaten by us or our productive pets the nutrients will pass to who or whatever is eating it. The scraps can go back into a compost pile or you can give to your productive pet to create fertilizer.

When deciding on which productive pet you will have you want to keep in mind that any animal above 3 feet tall will need an acre or more. Sheep and goats can work land that is less than acre, but more than a 1/2 acre. Pigmy goats can be in 1/4 acre. Smaller pigs and chickens can be in a regular sized backyard. You can even have quail in an apartment.

You can use livestock as workers on the farm. Pigs can till up the soil for you, chickens can scratch at and even out the soil for you while also adding fertilizer for you. Any grazing animals will eat some of the food, grass, and weeds for you.

Nice things about productive pets is that they will work for food, water and attention. Don’t forget to spend some time with your pets, they do need attention to stay happy and healthy.

Chickens are great at making compost and tilling the soil. If you have cows they are great to have follow the cows around to spread the cow pies and eat fly larvae and insects. They like to eat your kitchen scraps. They also provide eggs and meat for you. Some times they eat rodents for pest control. If you have HOA, we found you can get away with calling them ornamental jungle fowl to stay within the rules.

Rabbits create great for fertilizer and mowing grass, plus, they are cute and fluffy. You can create a mobile pen to move around to areas you need to be worked on by them. You will need to move them often so they don’t dig into the ground. At night, you will want to have them in a stable pen so they don’t dig out of the cage, that’s when they do most of their digging. You can also bread rabbits for meat.

Pigs are great at tilling and eat unwanted plants like poison ivy and other vining plants. They clear woodlands, eat excess or spoiled food and plants as well as small dead animals. You would need a space for a minimum size of 16×8 that is about 50 feet from your house to avoid the pig smell. Keep in mind you don’t want them too close to your neighbors either. You will want to have 36-24 wood chip layering to help break down their poop and add a layer daily to help control the smell.

We dive deeper into Productive Pets in our Agriscaping Mastery Program along with 36 other skills to help you to create your ideal elegant edible landscape.