Grow Something Awesome This Summer By Planting This - Not That

Every AWESOME garden has a story to tell. Here are a few planting tips that can quickly transform even the most ordinary garden into an extraordinary one by picking better plants.  

PLANT Lemon Grass NOT Deer Grass
Lemongrass provides the same wispy, mound-grass look, but this guy grows a very in-demand herb you can EAT, requires less maintenance and graces your garden with a sweet lemon scent every time you brush up against it.

PLANT Pineapple Guava NOT Bottle Brush
Bottlebrush is a very popular, very pretty plant in the desert-adapted garden, but everyone’s got it and beyond accommodating HOA’s, and an occasional butterfly or bee, it does nothing for you. Go with Pineapple Guava instead! This beauty gives you that same ever-green trait and similar showy flower but also produces one of the sweetest-tasting flowers on the planet! Oh, and even if you eat the petals off a few flowers (the best part) it can still produce fruit for you! Win-Win-Win

This last one for today is more of a variety suggestion rather than a complete family swap but if you want a nice, low-water evergreen border hedge with a showy white, five-petaled flower throughout the summer…
PLANT Tomlinson Natal Plum NOT Boxwood Natal Plum
The Tomlinson has the same great look AND produces a sweet, red fruit that adds both a pop of showy color in the summertime as well as a delicious, healthy fruit considered the “fruit of the Thungula” by ancient Zulu warriors of Africa. Just be sure you wait till they are fully ripe… dark red and slightly shriveled like a fig, otherwise the starchy-white sap will not have broken down to its honey-sweet self.

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