Top 4 Plants That Can Help You Sleep AND You Can Grow At Home!

Have you ever crawled into bed for the night, got comfortable, and just couldn't fall asleep? You became restless and your mind started to wander or your skin started itching or you just couldn't breathe right? Well, when it comes to sleep, plants can help!

Here are the top FOUR plants that can assist with getting a great night’s sleep:

1. Lavender! The smell alone is proven to calm the nerves and promote sleep. In-fact, back in the Victorian age, it was often stuffed into ladies' pillows to give them the rest they needed. It helps to have it growing near your entryway so you can smell it after coming home from a long day's work. You can tie up a bundle of flowers that you pick fresh from your yard and keep them right on your nightstand.

2. Jasmine! Another sleep-inducing smell that can also be included in tea-form, like lavender, to soothe and calm us before we head to bed. Pick a couple of the Jasmine flowers, heat up some peppermint tea (or tea of your choosing) and let the flowers steep inside the tea for a bit before consuming it. This helps with inflammation and calming, perfect before bedtime.

3. Snake Plant: not one for eating or smelling, this one joins the NASA-approved list of indoor plants that remove toxins from the air like formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, trichloroethylene, benzene, and also converts carbon dioxide to oxygen while you sleep, purifying the air and reducing respiratory inflammation.

4. Aloe Vera: Tried and true, the aloe is the oldest plant mentioned throughout history dating back to ancient Egypt, China, and Greece as an ideal human companion. Even Cleopatra used it to heal the kinds of things. This helps our skin with things that might be keeping us awake from sunburns, cuts, insect bites, burns, dry skin, constipation as well as reduce blood sugar, and, like the snake plant, purifies the air! The more succulent looking they are the better they produce the gel. The best way to use aloe vera for constipation is to add some of the gel from the plant into your tea.

So, don't have any more restless nights, give each of these a try to find out which one is just right for you!

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