When to Plant Bare Root Fruit Trees

Bare Root Fruit Trees need to be planted while they are still dormant and before they start budding out. The sooner we can get to planting in the dormant state after the threat of frost is gone from the area, the better. You want to do it when the ground is no longer frozen (and you can easily dig), there are no more hard freezes coming your way, and it is in the transitional period for the seasons.

When you plant before they bud you get the most bang for your buck. You will get the most root growth during that period of time. You maximize the productivity that tree can have in that first year while it’s establishing new roots.

You will want to look around at your nurseries to get a bare root fruit tree. However, some nurseries call them soft (special order fruit trees). You might have to pre-order them in the fall so be sure to check your local nursery.

If you are in the Arizona area you might want to check out the Desert Southwest Year Round Fruit Tree Calendar that Agriscaping provides by visiting https://agriscaping.kartra.com/page/fruit_tree_guide