Top 4 Fruits to Plant in February

Spring is very near on the horizon and the BEST time to plant some amazing fruits!


1. Blueberries: Sweet and super-healthy fruit you can grow in a pot! Only two varieties seem to work in Arizona: Sunshine Blue and Misty. Be sure to have your organic soil acidifier.

2. Strawberries: Another sweet treat full of vitamin C to support quick energy and a natural immune-system boost grown in the ground or in a pot. Most varieties need afternoon shade if you live in the West.

3. Apples: A staple snack that grows great in Arizona if you grow the right variety. Best ones are Dorsett Golden and the Anna, we’ve had other varieties work including Pink Lady, Einsheimer, Beverly Hills and even Granny Smith in the right micro-climate. BUYING BARE ROOT IS BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

4. Peaches: Yep, you can grow peaches in Arizona! And, again, bare-root is best! So many varieties from top selling Desert Gold, to May Pride, to the mighty productive mini-tree Bonanza Dwarf! Just be sure to pick a variety that ripens early to ensure you can pick them before they cook on the trees! Or, be sure you have them in the right Agriscaping micro-climate to ensure success.

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