Three Steps to Healthy Spring Soil – Step 1: Picking the Perfect Spot

The first step to having the best spring soil is picking the perfect spot to prep the soil and create the compost. This is when the sun is starting to shift in the Northern Hemisphere, when the sun will be more direct in the sky. Your yard will have a lot more time with the sun, which means it will have a lot more heat and a lot more things happening in the microclimates.

You want to focus your attention on the places that need it first, which are the areas in your yard that have sun now and then those areas that will have sun coming in during the summertime. You will want to start with the areas that have morning shade and late afternoon sun. In those areas you will be able to starting planting and growing now. You can also start focusing on the areas that have full sun as well as the areas that have morning sun and afternoon shade.

With microclimates there are six main areas:

A = morning sun, afternoon shade

B = full sun throughout the day

C = morning shade, afternoon sun

D = only sun in the late late afternoon in the summer

E= filtered light

F = no sun (full shade)

Areas A, B, and E you can start planting now. Areas A, B, C, and E you can plant in the springtime. Areas D, E, and F you can prep for the summer and start your compost pile.

Next week we will discuss Step 2, which is assessing needed ingredients. To learn more and get some amazing free guides check out Agriscaping Green Thumb Thursday at