How Pansies Can Change Your Life!

If you have allergies the pansy is an amazing flower to help you heal. These flowers are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. They are not only elegant and edible but they are healthy too. The pansy is one of the key ingredients in a garden that will help you to reduce your allergies and live a healthier life.

Our story: when anyone in our family started to feel an allergy symptom coming on we would go out to the garden and eat 5 pansy flowers. Then we would set a timer for 30 minutes and if after that 30 minutes we didn’t feel the symptoms any more we knew we wouldn’t need to take any allergy medication. Over a course of three months we noticed we didn’t need to take allergy medications any longer. It changed our lives.

Pansies have a great flavor. They are a beautiful addition to any salad. You can also add them to your sandwiches for an extra flair. They have even been known to be candied and put on wedding cakes! A very elegant, edible flower to add to your “farmacy”.

We are not medical professionals so be sure to check in with your trusted medical advisor when you are making moves to benefit your health.

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