Uncovering Organic Mulches for Your Garden

Using an organic mulch to protect your plants is a great alternative to compost. Wood mulch and straw mulch help with extreme temperatures that occur in the winter and summer. Straw mulch does have to be replaced often, but it does help keep the soil from getting too hot or too cold. These can tend to rob the nitrogen out of the soil, so be aware of the soil you are placing below the straw.

Be careful to not cover the trunk of the with the mulch. The mulch will start to break down over time and you don’t want it to also decompose the trunk of your tree as well. Be sure to cover where the roots go out and create a well on the inside. Make something similar to a donut shape around the tree to protect the trunk.

Be sure to use straw, not hay (hay is more green). You also want to verify that the straw doesn’t have herbicides or a flame retardant on it. Many places require that straw has a flame retardant for safety on things such as hay rides. Be aware of what is in your straw don’t just grab leftovers.

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