Landscape Design for Optimal Workflow

Many people are not living in their homes for more than 7 years statistically. With this in mind you need to think about how your edible landscaping is laid out so that it is easy to manage and produces food in a shorter amount of time. Designing your landscape is the key component to making this happen.

First thing is to think about the plant life cycle. The plant goes from dirt to seed, then from seed to start, then from start to harvest, then from harvest to dirt. So you want to design for all the elements in that cycle.

You want to have a place where soil will begin, maybe next to some compost bins. You can use this start the seeds, maybe in the back porch. Then you can take those starts and transplant into your yard. Keep your microclimates in mind when choosing these areas.

Next week we are going to discuss different themes you can choose to create an elegant edible landscape. If you want help creating your own yards microclimate map, it all begins with a consultation. Click here to learn more.