Elegant Raised Bed Gardening - Move It, Don't Lose It!

*By Anita Lyon

At a glance, mobile gardening may have you imagining that rusty vintage truck or car in the junkyard turned waterfall and herb garden bed. Or how about an entire bus turned into a mobile hydroponics display garden on wheels. Let your imagination run wild! As long as it can move it is a mobile garden. Here at Agriscaping making it moveable, functional, and beautiful, are just one of our many preferred things we do.

My favorite mobile gardens may or may not need wheels. However, mobile gardens definitely are for anyone looking for a garden that can move from space to space. Who might need a mobile garden you may ask? Well, anyone and everyone could have some fun and utilize a mobile garden. Renters might consider investing in a mobile garden. Or if you don’t plan on staying in the home you're in and want to take it with you when you go. You may want to invest in a mobile garden design. I know a good friend who carried her priced citrus trees with her to multiple rental homes before they gave it a permanent home with their first home purchase. Not only did they get products on the go. It added beauty and functional fun to their rental patio space. This could be done with any type of garden theme or setup.

Patio pots are a great example of a garden on the move. It gives you the freedom to move those edible Herbs, flowers, and maybe even a blueberry bush or banana tree to the best microclimate in your yard to help them thrive. Why not put a garden bed made out of wood or metal on castor wheels so you can move your veggie garden under the patio in the summer when your edibles are craving some relief from the heat and sun. Or, you can wheel your sun craving plants out into the direct sunlight to soak up the rays to warm up in the cooler fall and early spring weather. If you want to grow all winter why not put your beautiful Agriscaped bed on wheels to work by adding a greenhouse cover on top of your bed. Place a light on top and you have a portable greenhouse. If the temperatures are brutally cold in your area you could wheel your new mobile bed into the shed or garage where temperature control is easier to achieve.

Another advantage of a mobile garden is being able to get that soil just right for growing year-round. Mobile gardens also give you the option to add whatever soil will get your transportable beauties growing beautiful produce with fast and healthy results. If you're really wanting some moveable adventure and you like the new aquaponics and hydroponics technology available. You could get your mobile to grow on with hydroponics on wheels or make it lightweight enough to dis mantel and move. So, now your only dilemma is where to start your mobile garden dreams? If you can dream it and move it you’ve gone mobile!

Are you ready now to move it and not lose it!? Then take your elegant garden bed investments with you. Join the mobile gardening movement with Agriscaping and the team.

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* You can find out more about Anita Lyon at nutriagi.agriscaping.com .