Micro-climbing or Microclimates?

*By Anita Lyon

Over the Holidays our family decided to go to the outskirts of beautiful Moapa Valley! Our objective was to hike and for one of us to climb the desert's phenomenal red cliffs and rocks. The stunning complexity of nature's skilled way of carving out breathtaking vista views of red cliffs and artsy terrain was a perfect day of unwinding from the heaviness of what is going on in the world. So ya, I totally made up the word Micro Climbing. Apparently, it is really called Bouldering. But in a nutshell, it is Micro Climbing with a crash pad below. No, I was not Micro Climbing. I do not like heights! My son Kyle is the fearless one of conquering a mountainside. However, I love a challenging hike with a beautiful end view. So heights and I have a love-hate relationship. There's nothing like the feeling of being on top of the world with a cool breeze gently....well, ya cooling you down. Kind of like eating shaved ice in June after a warm day of gardening. It just feels good. Nothing like standing at the top of a beautiful scenic view of the Desert southwest! I just don’t get too close to the edge and look straight down.

So what does this have to do with Gardening? Well, Microclimates. This day was a perfect observation lesson of how nature teaches what grows best in which climate zone. Nature simply is a micro-climate genius, master of the grow how conservation at its finest! You probably get the picture. If not I have some to share. ;)

As I was looking up at my son calculating the safety of his next foothold and handgrip into the safest crevice or cheese hole in the cliffside ( for lack of a better description). I was trying to find distractions from the fear of him falling to his death. I noticed in those moments of looking for a diversion the phenomenon of lichen growing on the side of the red rock. Lichen is mossy like green and yellow-hued stuff in the pictures I posted with this blog. Ok, it’s not stuff it is actually a living organism. (Lecanora escaulenta ). How in nature did this mossy-like wonder grow in the 110 plus degree heat of the Mohave desert? Microclimate Science! Nature has provided the perfect temperature, sunlight, moisture content, and food terrain sources for this nature's wonder. Microclimate science teaches us so much about how to grow things like banana trees in the desert. YEP! You read right! Banana trees, ( Malabar spinach - a personal favorite), cherry trees, and citrus can all be grown with Microclimate Technology. You may even be brave enough to try to grow an avocado tree.

Here are some plant facts. Some plants like full shade, some plants like full sun, some plants like morning sun and afternoon shade, and a matter of factual plants are picky about their home. So I love my job! I get to microclimate yards and properties to grow some pretty, unique, and delicious culinary wonders! The mom in me knows how to handle picky especially a finicky plant. I get to use science-based technology to help grow delicious organic edibles in the desert. Nature is the best teacher! And of course, the instructors, engineers, and designers at Agriscaping speak Microclimate language at its best. In truth, Justin Rohner, founder of Agriscaping Technologies is the genius behind Microclimate Technologies! So I get to learn from the best! I love MY JOB! So whether your Micro Climbing or Micro-climating, enjoy the journey take in the views! Best wishes sent your way to growing healthy happy Microclimates in your own living space!

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