Microclimates Relationship to Plants

*By Cindy Dixon

Over the past decade, Agriscaping has studied the relationships between microclimates found on properties and the growth of plants. They have created Micro-Climate Technology. This technology helps gardeners grow anywhere…Indoor, Outdoors, Full sun, or Full Shade. Agriscaping established 6 basic microclimate categories, indicated by the letters A through F. Each letter represents a different microclimate zone according to the amount of sunlight it receives, which determines what plants will grow in that space. For example, Zone A receives the morning sun and is shaded in the afternoon. Zone B is known as the traditional zone since it receives sun throughout the day. For those shaded areas of your yard, Zone F is the microclimate for that space.

Microclimate mapping is exclusively done at Agriscaping. Through Agriscaping, you are able to have your property’s microclimates mapped out. In addition, you will learn what plants flourish in the specific microclimate with your personalized color-coded zone chart. You have increased your growing capacity by 6! THAT’S BIG!

Knowing what to grow and where to grow in your microclimates will help extended success in your landscape. Get your yard evaluated today, click here to learn how!

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