How to Get the Max from Your Garden

When looking for caring for a garden that produces a high yield we have a few tips and tricks that you can follow. When it comes to planting your garden you will want to make sure you are rotating your crops. When it comes to harvesting your garden you want to avoid binge harvesting. We are going to touch base on some of the easiest ways to follow these rules.

When it comes to keeping your produce healthy and provide you with an abundance of produce it is important to know that crop rotation is a huge factor. Growing different types of plants in the same area through rotation helps to keep pests and diseases at bay. Different crops require different nutrients in order to thrive. When you rotate it helps with soil fertility allowing for a higher crop yield.

The best way to rotate is to rotate with using the following rhyme: root, fruit, bean, green. You can start anywhere along the line and just rotate out in the order. Once you have finished a green then plant a root and start the cycle over.

With Thanksgiving coming we have some hints for harvesting for max-yield.

  • If you are harvesting greens start with harvesting the leaves on the outside of the plant. As you harvest more leaves will grow and you will be able to harvest that plant for the rest of the season.
  • If you want bigger pumpkins you will want to eat a few of the flowers that are blooming on the pumpkin plant. Leave one fruit per 4 foot vine and bury a section of the vine every 4 feet. This grounds the vine and encourages more growth.
  • Avoid binge harvesting, specially herbs, they like to be picked a little bit at a time. You don’t want to harvest so much that it can’t survive. The small cuts help to stimulate more growth.
  • Harvest your produce before they bolt and before they freeze, pay attention to your weather. If you see a freeze coming, be sure to tend to your garden.

So get out and start working on your garden to provide you with the max produce this season! To learn more and become a pro at DIY gardening join the Agriscaping Mastery Program.