Improve Your Health by Eating Hyper-Local Foods

Eating in-season produce has many benefits, which are increased even more if you purchase locally grown seasonal produce. One of the best reasons to eat locally grown, seasonal produce is the health benefits that you will receive.

When produce is harvested at a time when they are fully developed and ripe the plant has had more sun exposure than those picked prematurely. This means that there are higher levels of antioxidants! When fruits and vegetables have to travel long distances they are usually picked well before their peak harvest time and are allowed to ripen in the crates they are traveling in.

The sooner your produce goes from farm to table, the more nutritional value it retains. Spinach and green beans, for example, lose two-thirds of their Vitamin C within a week after being harvested. Purchasing locally will ensure that not only are you getting a fully ripened product, but it will full of important nutrients.

However, nothing is better than walking right outside your front door and harvesting produce from your own yard. Agriscaping has found a way to create elegant edible landscaping just for this reason. You don’t have to run a farm, you can let your landscape work for you! Sign up for a consult at