Importance of Ideal Soil

The food cycle begins with the soil. In order to have a bountiful harvest you must first have a good start to the cycle. About 80% of the problems with your garden are found in the soil. You have to think about soil being alive. It is full of worms, bugs, and more to help create healthy soil.

The ideal soil for vegetables should be deep, about 12-18 inches. It should be well draining. You want it to absorb the water and percolate down. If you have standing water you will have issues with growing healthy plants. The soil should hold moisture like a sponge. It should be high in organic matter. Having high organic matter in the soil will allow the soil to hold moisture, adds fertility, stores nutrients, boosts soil life and plant life and it fluffs the soil. The soil should also have a neutral pH of 6 to 7. And the soil should crumble easily.

To build healthy soil you can use composting, wood chips, mulch, or vermicomposting. By letting nature break down food waste, or wood chips puts healthy nutrients back into your gardens and fields. If you give your worms something to eat, they leave behind good fertilizer for your plants.

The healthier the soil, the healthier the plants, the healthier the people. If you want to learn more in depth about growing healthy soil please join our Mastery Membership! To learn more about the Membership visit