3 Steps to Heeling In Your Bare-Root Fruit Trees

Heeling in bare root trees wounds from cutting and transportation is important. Not only does this help the tree get more protection from the weather, but it can give you more time to prep the site for perfect planting environment and allow you to plant during ideal weather conditions.

When heeling in you will need to cover everything that is the root. We like to get gravel, lean the tree up against the wall and surround the roots with the gravel.

Some helpful tips for healing in your bare root fruit trees are:

1 Soak the roots before healing in fresh clean water in about 10-20 minutes.

2. Dig a trench with one side vertical and tother at a 45 degree angle and lean the trees along the 45 degree angle.

3. Backfill with cool, loose soil and water.

You can place the tree in a container that is at least 5 gallons large, or in a wheelbarrow indoors or somewhere dark, or in a raised bed that’s protected from the wind and in a shaded area.

Before planting you want to test that your soil is well draining. A great way to test it is to:

~Dig a 1’x1′ hole, 1′ deep

~Fill it with water and let it soak for about an hour

~Let is drain

~Fill it again

~After 4 hours if the hole has standing water then you have a drainage problem that needs amending.

Next week we will discuss important steps to take before planting your bare root fruit tree. To learn more about bare root fruit trees you can join our Mastery Program where you can ask questions, watch videos, get planting guides and more.