4 Freak’n-Good Halloween Garden Tricks  To Perfect Your Scene and Protect Your Plants

I love Halloween! The kids, the costumes, and all the creative scenes and foods. But, the garden can take a beating if you are not prepared! Today we are sharing 4 Freak’n Good Halloween Garden Tricks to Perfect Your Scene and Protect Your Tender Plants.  Let's check them out!

   1. FREAKY FENCING: To keep all the Super Hero’s Fortnighter’s, Unicorns, and Witches away form your tender plants a short fence can go a long way to keep the kiddos out of our garden. Use trellises, garden fencing, and other reusable materials you can re-use in the Garden! Painted black or natural brown. Consider their path to your door and channel them where you want them to go, or just bring the candy to them at the front of your driveway! 

2. MULCH: Planning some renovations? Rather than hay bails, build up your corners with black bags over Blocks of Mulch or Soil mixes that you can use later! 

3. Plant Spiky Looking Plants: Artichokes, lemon grass, & more in-season awesomeness. Learn more about what to plant by clicking here.

4. TRASH CAN: It may sound obvious, but trash and spoiled candy finds its way into our garden if you don’t give it an obvious place. Nearest your sidewalk is best. Call it the Dead Candy Coffin and you will be surprised how many kids will help keep your area clean for you. 

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